Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Fall. Sussex Morning bootleg.

Sussex Morning. The Fall.
A compilation of bootleg recordings selected by Hanleyfender / The Consortium.
Intro (Over Over loop. L.A.) ** 23.05.2006
Senior Twilight Stock Replacer. Brighton. 31.03.2007
MES Birthday 50 Year Old Man. Bilston. * 05.03.2007
Over Over. Aberdeen. * 15.03.2007
Fall Sound. Brick Lane London. 12.03.2006
Theme From Sparta F.C. Malaga. Spain. 21.01.2007
Hungry Freaks, Daddy. Edinburgh. * 13.03.2007
My Door Is Never. Reading. 28.03.2007
Coach and Horses. Brick Lane. London. 11.09.2006
Mountain Energie. Los Angeles. CA. ** 23.05.2006
Reformation. Brighton. 31.03.2007
Palais Interlude. Hammersmith Palais. London. 01.04.2007
Scenario. Brick Lane. London. 12.03.2006
Systematic Abuse. Brick Lane. London. 12.03.2006
White Lightning. Brighton. 31.03.2007
Blindness. Bournemouth. 10.09.2006
Outro (Loop 41. L.A). ** 23.05.2006

The Fall
Tim Presley (Guitar). Bab Borbato (Musicmaster Bass). Orpheo McCord (Drums). Dave Spurr (Bass. He’s not a Yank). Mark.E.Smith (Vocals). Elani Smith (Keyboards).

All tracks recorded by Hanleyfender, apart from Dynamik*, and Big Crashing Beat**.