Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Fall. Lille. France. 6.3.2012

Download my recording here via Burningworld. I let him do all the hard work. Hanley XX


  1. Yes of course. It takes no effort to buy a new recording rig, take the train to France with no passport, be forced to drink that fizzy foreign beer and stay in cheap hotels then try to sneak back in the country without your Mrs finding out you had gone, compared with downloading your recording from Dime and converting it to mp3 and posting it on a blog against your wishes.

  2. Just checked the site and the cheeky fucker did the same to my Crocodiles recording! Uncredited. Mind you, at least I had decent beer to drink.

  3. Cheeky fucker indeed.
    I do credit the source if I know who it is but sometimes people just send stuff.

    I have to say though Mr Hanleys recordings are always top quality and the world would be a darker place without them.

  4. Just spotted these posts. Thanks to you both. For fucking bothering to comment!!! XX